Couples counselling can be helpful at any stage of a relationship, working to navigate conflict, and to help facilitate growth and change. It’s not just for relationships that are in crisis. Couples may come to counselling with a variety of concerns including breakdown in communication, financial pressures, work issues, transitions, bereavement, parenting, differences, and sexual relations to name a few.

Our time working together can be a safe space to help find new ways of relating to and understanding each other. I aim to provide a warm, supportive and non-judgemental space where we can work together, finding a way forward within various areas of your relationship, and to further your understanding of each other. I am not there to tell you what to do, or to take sides. In this space, all perspectives are valid, and you can each explore and understand your own feelings and emotions.


Introductory session (30 minutes) – £0
60 minute couples session – £60

I offer an initial half hour introductory session that I do not charge for. This can take place in person at the office, on the phone or through online video in whichever way you prefer. I understand that meeting someone new can be difficult and you might not know what to expect especially if you have not had counselling before. This introductory session is an ideal time for you both to ask me any questions that you might have, see if you feel comfortable with the space we are in and with me, and also to go over how we can work together.