I have been noticing tensions all around me building and growing each day. It’s in the air. It’s on people’s faces. It’s on how they are holding their bodies. It’s noticeable in how there are less people making eye contact as they pass each other on the street. It’s becoming an uncomfortable feeling.

There are so many different reasons for these tensions at the moment, and each of those reasons will affect each of us in different ways. There’s the virus, elections, political tensions, loss of income, for some loss of businesses…the list could go on.

While I am usually someone that can recognise these tensions around me, and when they grow in myself, lately I can recognise this is become more difficult. Usually, remembering a conversation with my dentist a few years ago about how I had been clenching my jaw which was leading to hairline fractures in a few of my teeth, is enough to make remind me to notice the tension and let it go.

Now, I’m not saying in any way that it is easy to just dismiss the tensions around us. They are genuine, the various feelings about what is happening is valid for each of us and uniquely ours even though there may be some shared similarities. What I am saying, is that we can notice the tension, and notice what it is doing to our bodies.

Let’s start with your jaw. Just notice it. Is it relaxed, or can you feel it closed tight? Does it hurt at the sides? Take a moment to notice….now, let the jaw drop a bit. Open your mouth just a bit. Gently move your jaw around a bit. Now, smile, relax, smile and relax again. How does that feel?

How about your shoulders? Are they down, or do they feel like they are up touching your ears? Breathe in, and as you exhale bring your shoulders slowly down.

One last one…how’s your forehead? Can you feel yourself frowning more often? Try and relax those muscles. Feel them go back to their natural position.

I’m going to leave it there for now, with just a suggestion to take a moment here and there throughout the day to maybe notice the tension you are holding. Focus on an area above, let that tension go for just a brief moment…and breathe…

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