(From 07.07.2018 blog which seems to have vanished) – I’ve been asked for a bit of background onto the image for my 1:1 counselling, CYCounselling. When I was thinking of what represented me in my work, I wrote down a list of things/images/items that felt right to me. What came out strongly were the items below. I gave the list to an artist and the logo is the watercolour painting that they came up with and I have to say, I love it!

*A weeping willow tree is a memory from my childhood. There is a family photo of me as a toddler running free under a willow tree laughing. You can see the pure enjoyment on my face and I’ve always loved this tree. From it’s long sweeping branches reaching all  the way to the ground to its silvery leaves that whisper to you in the breeze.

*A swing waiting for a child or adult to come relax and be carefree for a time in the shade of the willow tree. It’s empty right now and is just calling out for someone to remember those carefree moments and remind them that we can all go back to that feeling.

*A person on one side of the tree curled and upset being protected by the willow tree. The strength of the trunk supports the person while they sob while the long branches and leaves reach down to provide them the space to regain their strength and find it again.

*An owl hidden in the branches reminding us that they are wise. With a little help, such as by a counsellor like myself, people can learn to be happy and feel okay again and remember what it is they want in life and how.

*In the grass all around the tree are daisies which are my favourite flower and always remind me of strength and resilience. Something I often have to remind myself that I have.

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