Self love and acceptance

This blog has taken me a while to think about before writing and posting it. It had me going into a thought process of self-reflection and wondering. This picture has been doing the rounds of social media over the last few days, but I originally saw it posted by a close friend of mine. He is one of the loveliest people I know who would do anything for anybody that needed help or support. He’s caring and has such positive beliefs in others. I’m not going to go into my thoughts here about why he posted it, as this is about my reaction to it.

Honestly, I felt sadness. Sadness that there are such caring people in the world that will give positive affirmations, boost others up and yet aren’t able to give the same to themselves. There may be many different reasons for this, but it was the last image on the drawing that really made me just feel such sadness and had me reflecting on the times I could recognise that I used to do this to myself.  

I feel that these are the people who deserve to hear, and feel, these positive words themselves and about themselves. The ones who are able to give of themselves to help others feel good about themselves in turn. I want to run around showering these people with all the positive things I know about them to just almost get them to believe it themselves. However, I know myself that it just doesn’t work this way.

So instead, I help others to understand why they don’t see it in themselves, or feel able to acknowledge it. I want to help them develop the power to believe in themselves, and believe all the positive things about themselves that we all see. Sometimes, with my friends, this might be a hug to let them know I see them and understand. With clients it might be by looking at their belief system and challenging the thoughts that they are not good enough. It’s not an easy thing to learn, though, to let go of this feeling of not being deserving of positives such as being ‘awesome’.  We need reminders, and it takes work to push away the more negative beliefs. One way is by working with positive affirmations. So, for now, to all the people who can recognise themselves in the last two images, I leave you with this affirmation to remind yourself of:

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