Brains on fire…or neutral?

Today’s blog is all about brains. Intrigued yet? I know I am hugely intrigued by brains in general and how they work, in particular around anxiety, trauma and mental health in general. That’s not what today’s blog is about, though.

This one is about those times when your brain won’t stop spinning around from one thing to the next, when all you really want it to do is to go into neutral gear for awhile and coast.

I will give you an example. I’m currently on holiday from my two of three jobs (I can hear the comments on that one already!) so it should be a time when I can relax and have some down time. The key word here is ‘should’. Another word that will show up in this blog often, but I digress…

So, this morning, I woke up as I do most mornings with my brain going through a list of things that I’m thinking about. It happens automatically, just like my internal radio does. Some of them can be quite random things like things to do, ideas, etc. That’s not new, this is how most all my morning’s start, so I am used to it. Today I noticed though just how long this thought process was going on for. Let’s just say, I’m not sure it really ever stops (like a magpie to shiny things!). My overactive little brain just kept jumping from one thing to another. From ordering craft supplies, to writing a letter to schools, to what’s for lunch, I wish my husband wouldn’t smush the cushions like that, there is cat hair everywhere, I need to finish that assignment…honestly, it was endless!

Reflectively, I mentioned this to my husband who said he is used to me being like this and that his brain is more like being in neutral like Homer Simpson’s monkey brain. He has a few things on the back burner he wants to do, but it’s bank holiday so there isn’t a lot going on in his brain ad that’s the way he likes it.

So, I’ve been thinking about just how unfair this is. Well, to me anyway. Why can’t he have the spinning around think of everything for awhile brain while I get a break and get the neutral be lazy brain? (sigh).

It’s a funny (interesting, not hahaha) thing though. When I am working with clients I do not have any of this running through my mind. I’m just there with my client, them and me. I’m the same when I am doing any mindfulness which I love doing, as it seems to ground and refresh me. So I know that I am capable of not having this over-thinking brain going all the time. It’s more a matter of when I have time for myself it is like a switch is hit and my brain goes “yeehaa…get out the list boys, she’s got free time!” The tabs in my brain just start opening and opening and opening. No wonder I sleep so well every night.

My brain has just focused on the word mindfulness the moment I wrote it. So, I’m going to go take a half hour and go for a walk in the sunshine. Have you done anything today that makes you feel good? If no, go ahead, give yourself permission to go do it!

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